Remembering family

CLS doesn’t have a big office full of a hundreds of project management drones. We don’t have a fancy cappuccino maker or a magnificent lounge area with comfy couches and an attached gym. No, we are a home-based business, with each of us working from our individual residences. It’s the way of the world these days, and allows us great flexibility.

We’re real people doing real work to help you reach your international audiences. We have families and friends and pets.

I work at a small desk, with my cats and dogs coming and going as they please. I’ve gotten very used to this environment where there’s usually a snoring dog near to me.

So it was with great pain that we lost our Alice about a week ago. She was friendly and stubborn, beautiful and caring and protective. The kind of animal you meet once in a lifetime.



This is just a reminder that when you work with CLS, you’re working with real individuals with real lives who care about what they do. We strive to help your business succeed, but in the end we all live in the real world and must face what life brings to us. So give your loved ones a hug and keep on chugging, because that’s the best way to remember them.

-Dave Summers, 5/15/15

One thought on “Remembering family

  1. Stacey Brown says:

    Hey Dave,

    I’ve been meaning to reach out! Sorry to hear about your puppy! 😦

    I hope things are going well. Let’s catch up soon!


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