New Year’s Resolutions for Cuyahoga Language Services

In the spirit of refocusing on important goals as the calendar turns once again, I have the following New Year’s resolutions for CLS:

  1. Focus on core competencies. We do one thing better than anything else, and that’s technical translation. As a company, we will focus more of our energies on the manufacturing sector, specifically machinery, to help expand our base in this field. We want to be the go-to translation vendor for any manufacturing company looking to sell their products abroad.
  2. Accentuate the visual. We tend to focus so much of our efforts on the written word that we can easily overlook the visual aspect of our efforts. This goes for all platforms, from the website to social media to marketing materials. While we are confident in the words that we use, we need to better attract attention though visual means, to embrace a world beyond words.
  3. Get more involved. We have joined the Greater Akron Chamber of Commerce and the American Translators Association, but I feel like we as a company could be doing more within those communities to expand our reach. We want to better engage members to promote our offerings to wider range of companies.

Dave Summers

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