On rates and minimum charges

We’re happy to introduce a new rates page on the site.

I just wanted to pass along a few notes regarding rates and minimum charges to explain in better detail how we go about charging our customers for the work we do.

  • We don’t charge project management fees. For us, a project management fee is like asking a customer to pay even more for the work we do despite the fact that our per-word rates cover the work we do.
  • Our rates do vary based on the language pair and complexity of the text. This is like any service offering where some work is more difficult than other work.
  • We only charge formatting and desktop publishing fees when the work goes beyond the normal run of things. If a document is going to take hours to format after the translation, we’ll need to charge you for it. If it’s a few pages of text, we won’t charge you for our post-translation work.
  • We have a slightly lower minimum rate for the translation of legal certificates than anything else. That’s because it’s usually individuals who need the work done for personal reasons. Simple as that.

If you have any questions about our rates or would like more information, I would encourage you to contact us.

All the best.

Dave Summers, Owner, Cuyahoga Language Services

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