Cuyahoga Language Services offers a competitive pricing structure based on a number of key pieces of information.

We charge a per-word rate for translation, which varies depending on the language pair and complexity of the text. Since we run most of our translations through computer-assisted translation tools, we offer discounts for repeated text and fuzzy matches where applicable.

For text that cannot be extracted from the original document (such as an uneditable PDF), we charge per page.

We charge an hourly rate for our other services. Contact us for more details on that.

If you need a translation certified, we can usually do that free of charge. We ask for a couple extra days to get the documents certified and mailed to you.

We never charge a project management fee, period.

Our minimum charge is $150 for most work, other than basic legal documents (birth certificates, marriage licenses, death certificates, etc.), for which we charge $100 for the first page and $50 for each subsequent page.

We do offer a 5% discount for member of the Greater Akron Chamber of Commerce and all non-profits. We occasionally offer additional discounts via social media.